YBreeze – ADFS Logon theme

As low as $89.00

YBreeze is calm and elegant responsive ADFS Logon theme. Enhance your ADFS Logon with this simple, calm and cool looking theme. You can simply change the logo, background, header and footer info by following our install guide bundled with the package.

The YBreeze ADFS Logon theme is a cool looking simple theme that can help you customize your ADFS Logon interface quickly to match your brand identity. The YBreeze theme has a unique layout for both login and logout pages. You can add your footer text such as copyright and social links to enhance your interface.

  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to customize your logo and background by just replacing your images
  • Add your own copyright/footer text by just replacing the default text given in the custom text file
  • Responsive design that fits on browsers including device browsers
  • Supports 5 popular languages by default
  • Additional languages will be offered for free upon request
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • You are free to customize further on your own

All our theme packages are included with an installation guide which also guides you for quick customization such as changing logo, background, header/footer text etc.

Visit our License Agreement page to know more about License, pricing, money back etc.

Install guide for ADFS 6.0 Logon themes

This is a simple guide that explains how you install our Custom Themes quickly and brand your ADFS 5.0 logon interface. However you will receive an install guide with all your theme downloads. Although this is same of the PDF guide you receive with your download, we recommend you to follow the PDF guide during your quick theme installation.

Installing Custom Theme for ADFS 6.0 logon page.

Place your custom elements

  1. Unzip your theme package. Copy the package to your ADFS sever system and place it on any drive/folder as you wish.
  2. Explore the package and go to “images\custom”. This is the place where all custom images stay.
  3. Replace the logo with your own by replacing the logo.png file. The height of the Logo shouldn’t exceed 80 px. The logo file should not exceed the file size of 10 KB. Otherwise you will end up with error during your installation.
  4. You can place your own fav icon by replacing favicon.ico file. The dimension of favicon should be 16*16 px.
  5. Replace your own background by overwriting background.jpg file. The best dimension is 1920 * 1020 px. However you can place the image on any size, but just make your own assessment. The file size of background image should not exceed 200 KB.
  6. Open the file “\script\onload.js” in a text editor and change the value of Title, LoginTitle and Footertext to yours. The variable Title is the one appears on the browser bar as page title. LoginTitle is the variable holds the value of Login Header text. Footertext is the one you see at bottom of the page. Ref: Image below.

This is a safe way so you can revert back your default RD Web Access in case of any issues during the custom theme installation.

Start Installation

  1. Right click on the “BCthemeCommands.ps1” file and click Run as Administrator.
  2. Wait for few seconds and you will be done then.
  3. The powershell window opens and closes automatically upon the installation.
  4. Now check your ADFS logon page in your browser.
  5. Just replace the copied files

Important Notes and troubleshoot tips

  1. The logo file shouldn’t exceed the file size of 10 KB. Please optimize the image accordingly.
  2. The background image shouldn’t exceed the file size of 200 KB.
  3. You will end up with errors during the installation if the images sizes crosses the limits specified above.
  4. If you want to set back the ADFS default theme then open your powershell (open as administrator) and write this command. Set-AdfsWebConfig -Active Theme Name “default”
  5. If you want to remove a custom theme then write this command in powershell. Replace “Theme Name” with your custom theme name, ex: “Bluecorp”.  Remove-AdfsWebTheme -TargetNameTheme Name

Do your ADFS Logon themes are version specific?

Yes, our ADFS Logon themes are version specific. If you have purchased a theme for ADFS 3.0 that will not work in ADFS 4.0. However the same theme should be available for ADFS 4.0 in our store. You need to make another purchase when you are moving from ADFS 3.0 to ADFS 4.0 or ADFS 5.0 etc.

Is there any CMS provided with the theme to customize the graphic elements?

No these are quick themes with no CMS available for customization. However you can simply change the graphics (ex: logo, background) by replacing them. Each theme contains instructions for changing logo, background, footer text and few others for your quick customization. This type of customization will take only few minutes for you.

Do your themes work width Multi factor authentications?

Yes. All our themes work with your Multi factor authentication such as default RSA, Duo.com, Azure MFA etc. In case if there is an issue in particular MFA screen please contact our support, we will fix it and update the patch for you.

Are all your ADFS themes responsive to browsers?

Yes. All our ADFS themes are responsive by nature. It is committed to keep responsiveness with all browsers including device browsers. You can always post to us in case of any issues on responsiveness and we are committed to fix ASAP.

Are there any browser limitations with your RD Web themes?

No. If your default ADFS interface works well in a browser then our custom themes do so. We always test our themes in most popular browsers such as IE 9,10,11; Firefox; Safari; Chrome; Edge and Opera. We always committed to fix and update our themes quickly as possible if there any cross browser compatibility issues. Please feel free to post to us in such cases.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?

All our sales are final and we offer NO REFUND. Also, there is no exchange of themes is possible.

Do the custom themes come with any additional features?

No, the custom features such as Forgot Password, Announcements, links, etc, are part of our Custom Interface Solutions. We don’t offer any of these features with our ready-made themes. You can read our Custom RD Web Access customization solution to know more about our Premium Branding and Custom Features solutions. Also after purchase of a theme if you want to add some features we can help you do so which will cost addition.

Do you provide Documentation and Tutorials?

Yes. All our themes include the installation guide and tips for quick customization such as changing logo, background, footer text etc. However you can also read our general installation and best practices guide here>>.

Can I use the theme on multiple servers/instances?

Yes. You can use the theme in any number of instances/servers such as high availability instances, development environments etc. But the theme must be used by one environment (yours or your customer’s) and must not be distributed or sold among your customers.

How can I get updates of my theme?

The updates/patches of themes are available under your login. You can see all your purchased themes as well updates around them on your dashboard. That is the reason we force you to register and login before purchase.

How often you update your themes?

Generally it is very less. Once we bundled our theme we don’t add features/options into it. However browser compatibility issues are the cases we are generally forced to update our themes. For example if IE 13 is released there may be some browser compatible issue expected and in such case we act immediately to fix those issues and update our themes. We are quick to resolve and make the patches available on our store in such cases.

Do you offer support after purchase?

Yes, we offer support but there is no free support. All our services are paid and cost will be discussed upon receiving your support requirement. However if there is any actual bug on the theme we are committed to fix and provide you the patch update. There are no charges for fixing bugs as we are committed to provide bug free themes as always.
We also provide support on further customization, exclusive branding, theme installation, add-on custom features and more.

How can I reach your support?

The priority way is to use our contact form and then the live chat. All your support queries will be answered within 24 hours of time.

Do you have Built-Ready themes available for other web interfaces such as Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler OWA, etc?

No, for now our themes are available only for RDS Web Interfaces and ADFS Logon interface. If you are looking to customize your Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, ADFS, OWA or other interfaces please look at our exclusive Custom Interface branding solutions.