AD Web (Active Directory Web Management)


(Life time updates)

AD Web (Active Directory Web) is a web based Active Directory User management tool which can be installed quickly into your Windows, Linux, Mac or any server-less cloud environment. AD Web fits to all sizes either you own single AD Domain or multiple where it provides you option to manage unlimited AD Domains in a single web interface. It has an intuitive full text search which let you find the objects very quickly like a flash. You can manage users, manage groups, manage OUs as well map Users between Groups, Ou, Unlock Users, Reset Password and more. Every occasion can be set with email notification such as New user creation, Password Reset, Unlocked user notification, Forgot Password emails, Password expiration notification and more. AD Web has 3 type of admin access such as Super Admin, Domain Admin and OU Admin which lets you give restricted admin access to your client/tenant admin or department admin etc. AD Web also allows normal users to manage their AD profile and Reset their current/forgotten passwords.

RD Web Themes

 Quick themes that will let you decorate your RD Web Access and Web Client interfaces in just few minutes. Select your version, purchase, download, install and customize quickly following our guide.

ADFS Themes

 ADFS Themes are quick themes that let you personalize your Active Directory Federation Services login page in few minutes. Select version, purchase, download, install and customize in few minutes following our guide.


VetNvet is a cloud based Practice Management System (PMS) that exclusively serves for Veterinary Doctors.  VetNvet fits for practices of all types and sizes. It enables Doctors to modernize their practice, set practice protocol to team, clean communication with clients thus engagement and history tracking with less efforts. Messaging is a core part of VetNvet and we are the first company to integrate WhatsApp messaging in to the Medical Practice Management System. VetNvet also has Mobile Native Apps for both Android and IOS platforms. VetNvet has another mobile app called Client Connect which is exclusively for Pet Owners to view/keep all his pets’ records including all messages/reminders from the clinics. 

VetNvet offers a free 14 days trial with no commitment.

Product Keys Delivery – Magento 2.x

We often need to deliver a product key automatically by email during invoice. This is especially the case when you sell digital/downloadable products such as software products, games or other activation based products. Product Keys Delivery plugin by Dart Innovations can help you automate your license key easily. This extension can be integrated with your Magento store to deliver all type of product/license keys. We named it as product keys but it can be anything such as License Key, Serial Code, Product Code, Game Code, PINs, Activation Codes, Enrollment Numbers, Recharge Codes or even a Coupon Code. Generally the product keys are unique strings may be a serial of numbers, alphabets, special characters or mix of these. Although the product keys are generally useful for downloadable and virtual products our extension can be used to deliver product keys with all product types.